Alcon Management Enterprises (AME), serves as a holding company for Alcon’s interest in the management companies it acquires. AME represents a controlling interest in these companies; however each talent management company’s existing management team continues to maintain a significant ownership percentage in their individual businesses, and, though reporting to the AME Board, continues to operate in a largely autonomous manner. AME’s first acquisition was Madhouse Entertainment. Owned by co-presidents Adam Kolbrenner and Robyn Meisinger, Madhouse is a thriving LA-based literary management and production company that represents over 50 clients. AME will serve as a holding company for as many as six talent management companies Alcon intends to acquire in the future.

Madhouse Entertainment

Madhouse Entertainment is a production and literary management company that works with screenwriters and writer/directors in the areas of film, television and new media.

Our focus is guiding the careers of our clients from a creative standpoint, providing them with feedback from our many years of development and production experience as it relates to their current projects, future work, and assisting them in navigating the ever changing landscape of the entertainment industry. Our clients have projects in various stages of development at every studio and network, as well as in the increasingly viable world of independent film and cable TV.

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