Alcon Entertainment and Sleeping Giant Media have formed ASG Music Group, a joint venture designed to integrate the combined companies' music, film, television and commercial media enterprises. Los Angeles-based Sleeping Giant Media is a diverse entertainment company and record label with a music network of award winning producers, writers, composers and industry professionals focused on synergistic partnerships within music, film, television and commercial media.

ASG Music Group

ASG Music Group is designed to revolutionize the integrations within music, film, television and commercial media companies. In an industry filled with creative pressures to cut costs, ASG has formed an entertainment model to increase revenue, generate new revenue and add value for all ASG partners while focusing on the directors, producers and production companies' creative visions. ASG will provide industry wide services including music content creation, production, composition, promotion, distribution and label services in all areas of music. In addition to producing original music and third party content for Alcon's motion picture and television properties, ASG will continue to partner with other film, television, brand and commercial media companies to provide numerous music solutions and label services.

ASG Studios